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West Suffolk Constituency Page

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Isle of Dogs Neighbourhood Plan

2019 – 2031 Referendum The Tower Hamlets Planning Forum and Mayor John Biggs have a track record of frustrating development and the associated affordable homes which developers are happy to build.

Far from being a part of the Solution Mayor Biggs's regime is a big part of the problem.

The westferry Printworks is the latest in a long line of bad judgement calls and political meddling in Planning officers doing their jobs.

One assumes the efforts of the planning forum are well meaning and yet, it is hard not to conclude that what its efforts really represent is the worse of Metropolitan Elite Not in my back yardism ( Nimbyism) in the face of Londons and London Borough of Tower Hamlets huge housing challenges.

The problem is not the the Manhattanization of the Isle of Dogs rather it is the Tammany hallisation of City Hall.

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Organise a Lockdown No to 60Ghz Group.

No 60Ghz


As the gap between Covid19 reality and élite Plague fantasy yawns ever wider, the 3% are hard at work putting illiberal Crash2 unaccountability into place. The Slog investigates and analyses the use of fear & distraction, offering a comprehensive debunking #CovidPurpose Kevin Galalae @Galalae

How to Claim a Constituency Primary Page

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WikiBallot Picks

Link to List of Wikiballot picks and full Brexit Party Candidate list and constituencies[[1]]

Full List of Brexit Party Candidates.

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Welcome to WikiBallot! the Tactical voting Wiki.

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testing Polys The Online Voting App for Wiki Ballots Local Primaries allocate 50 points to a selection of or one of the options.

Go to Ling and allocate 50 points weighted according to your view

[Constituency Primary Pages].

Click Title to go to List of unclaimed Constituencies to set up Wiki Ballot page and to start a Primary Processes.

Dive in and learn as you go, Claim your Local constituency or say hello if a group already exists.

The front page here has a collection of information aimed at providing inspiration and some good tools, we do not claim that there is anything definitive

On the ground in any constituency what works best will emerge as people put their heads together.

#SAM Send a message seats

are being selected by The Slog, make suggestions there in the comments or in the discussion section here and we will make a #SAM page for you to get you started or dive in and give it a go yourself.

Samantha The Waspi Says adopt a #SAM page and "Send a Message"

SAMantha The Waspi
#SAM a sting in the tail from Waspi For those of you who haven’t caught up yet, yesterday The Slog launched SAM, short for Send A Message. The primary rationale is to seek out all MPs who broke their promise to enact the People’s Will in 2016 and have turned back into Remainers. But this is a game anyone can play, and if other aspects of your MP’s behaviour (like rabid feminism, EU gravy-training or LGBT obsessions) get on your nerves, then go for it and vote for the person nearest to reflecting your own outlook.

Here are a few starters for ten. First up, now that Watson has gone, there are very few senior Labour scalps to be had. Yes – would you believe it – Starmer, McDonnell, Thornberry and Corbyn all have nice fat majorities in Loopy-Lou London seats.

There aren’t any serious opportunities until you get to Angela Rayner and Jess Phillips – two of the most ideologically stunted Wimmin in the Chamber.

Both of them won last time on lowish turnouts, and both sit for strong Leave Constituencies – Rayner in Ashton under Lyne, and Phillips in Birmingham Yardley. Phillips in particular has not held back from saying she “doesn’t give a fuck for” her constituents who voted Leave, which demonstrates a criminal ignorance on the subject of the constitutionally stated role of every MP. Rayner said six weeks ago that “Parliament have expressed their wish and that is that we are not going to leave without a deal; we want to find a deal” having conveniently forgotten that three years ago No Deal was Parliament’s default position. She doesn’t want a second referendum, because she is convinced Leave would win again.

To be fair, Angela is just misguided, whereas Phillips is an objectionable fascist. But they both qualify for SAM.

#SAM send a message in Ashton_Under_Lyne
#SAM a sting in the tail from Waspi
#SAM a sting in the tail from Waspi

Jess Phillips This is a tougher nut to crack: Jess Phillips enjoyed a massive swing in her favour in 2017:


SAM Targets

Ashton-under-Lyne [[3]]
Birmingham,_Yardley   [[4]]

Remain United Targets Remain Tactical Site

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OneUK Leave Tactical Site

Swingometer Calculation App.

Wiki_Ballot aims to be informative and Fun!

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Make your vote count with Wikiballot
When the votes are counted, make sure yours counts
Before you waste your vote, go to Wikiballot
Make your vote count. Make it to Wikiballot
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Use Hypatias Eyebrowser for the antidote to Main Stream media

Customised Antidote to Main Stream Media Browser

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The Idea

The Vivaldi Blog has been Blocked for alleged spam? Spam or Censorship you decide? (1768257282) I set up a vivaldi e mail account and Blog for @Wiki_Ballot a tactical voting initiativeThe E mail Inbox x

Vivaldi Support <> Tue, Nov 5, 4:26 PM (2 days ago) to me

Hi Roger G Lewis

Thanks for reaching out to us!

We're doing our best to reply to you as soon as possible. Our work hours are Monday to Friday from 8AM CET to 6PM CET (excluding local public holidays). In the meantime, please visit our Forum on and Help pages on Sometimes we can help you there faster. In case you're having issues connecting to your Vivaldi Account, please make sure that you've told us the account's username so that we can help you further.

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Roger G Lewis wrote:

I set up a vivaldi e mail account and Blog for @Wiki_Ballot a tactical voting initiative The E mail has been blocked and the Blog marked as Spam. This is something of a suprise as the Initiative is not at all politically partisan and definitely not agressive or in the style of polemical discourse. Please advise this egregious censorship?


The idea is to create the Wiki on this platform and to send a static snapshot to the IPFS system periodically as new pages are added.IPFS is not censorable and this is intended as the public-facing part of the Wiki with the server-based version used to grow the wiki and foster existing skillsets familiar with the Wikipedia format which is in the top ten legacy web site brands.

The New Blog

The Blog on Vivaldi and the email account was suspended I assume a bad actor pending further clarification although they have gone quiet.

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Everipedia is a dynamic wiki on the EOS blockchain and having an article and or mirror of our own Wickitacticalvoting on that platform would be a future ambition, resources and time require a simple solution with lowest possible attack interface. This is very much an idea in progress.

Welcome to New Editors from John Ward and Roger Lewis.

John Wards Call to Action.

Nevertheless, this puts the responsibility for achieving real Brexit firmly back to where it was in June 2016: with the British People.

I can tell you now that, of the roughly 18 million voters who would probably support Brexit, it’s as much as we can ask of over 95% of them to turn up and do the same at the next General Election. The maths of the situation are far more complex than that, but net-net we are talking of well under a million citizens doing anything of an activist nature. That is to say, the 40,000 Tory Party members who supported BoJo, the 90,000+ who are “registered supporters” of TBP, and at most around 70,000 people I would designate as, broadly speaking, intelligent, compassionate and aware voters who cannot bear to see the triumph of corporacratic neoliberal globalism over an independent Britain.

In round figures, 200,000 citizens prepared to defend the future of thoughtful British liberal democracy in a sense that goes way beyond puerile branding and Orwellian Room 101 fascist assertion.

200,000 united epidemiologists may not seem like many, but spread across the UK, it is about 300 per constituency in round terms…..if one writes off 48 Scottish seats as fairly solid Remain strongholds, that makes nearer to 330 ‘persuaders’ per seat.

Were promises to be forthcoming from pro-Brexit MPs towards the cheated UK female Waspi/Back to 60 State pensioners, that number would more than treble to at least 1100 per seat.

The way to think about this is as a chain-letter for the digital age.

Emergency News Flash On Flextension October 2019




If Boris Johnson accepts the EU’s offer of an extension, genuine Leave voters will have no choice but to desert the Conservative Party


Various UK media have been crawling all over the hints and leaks from a Brussels “keen to make clear its neutrality” this morning. It is looking increasingly like a 3-month extension. BUT the clauses in it that I saw last night made brutally clear to anyone who’s awake that the EC is being anything but neutral.

Original Brexit articles researched from official EU and UK sources, 7 days-a-week

Friday, October 18, 2019, 05:31

Forget Westminster politics, is Boris’s new EU treaty Brexit? No, it’s not

Layman’s summary of the EU’s new UK colonisation treaty agreed by the PM yesterday

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

This is ‘May Mk2’ – the EU’s latest colonisation treaty for the UK

Prepared by Brexit Facts4EU.Org with advice from a Brussels-based barrister

Legend: ‘WA’ = Withdrawal Agreement, ‘PD’ = Political Declaration

1. Parliament will not be sovereign – UK still to be governed by existing and new laws of the ECJ – a foreign court – and with no say over these laws. [WA articles 4, 87, 89 and 127, PD para 131]

2. Demands payment of a sum to be decided by the EU – Minimum £39 billion but this is likely to increase and the EU decides the final sum. This must be paid BEFORE any trade deal is agreed. [WA articles 138-144, and 152-155]

3. No trade deal with EU – Not included as this is just a divorce treaty. Any EU trade deal must ensure “a level playing field for open and fair competition” and “deep regulatory and customs cooperation”. This will make it difficult for the UK to reduce non-tariff barriers in trade deals with USA, Australia, China, etc. [PD paras 17 & 21]

4. Prevents independent tax policy – Political Declaration still obliges UK to adopt a future relationship which will impose EU State Aid rules and “relevant tax matters” on the UK. EU specifically intends to curb UK’s ability to have “harmful tax practices”. Withdrawal Treaty also applies EU law to UK during transition period – allowing EU to sue UK, including infringement proceedings for as yet unidentified breaches of State Aid rules and billions in VAT on commodity derivative transactions dating back to 1970s. [PD para 77, WA articles 86, 93, 127].

5. Restricts independent foreign policy – UK to be bound by international agreements concluded by the EU despite having no influence in their negotiation during the transition period and must “refrain, during the transition period, from any action… which is likely to be prejudicial” to the interests of the EU. [Articles 129(3) and (6)].

6. Prevents independent military action – UK permanently stopped from taking “any action likely to conflict with or impede” EU’s foreign policies. Critical parts of section on foreign policy and security are not reciprocal, eg future relationship will not “prejudice the decision-making autonomy of the EU” but no such language for UK – only permitted to “maintain the right to determine how [to respond] to any invitation to participate in operations or missions”. Also, parties “agree to consider” security collaboration in European Defence Agency, European Defence Fund, and PESCO “to the extent possible under [EU law]” which is prescriptive (not permissive) obligation. Despite paying for European Defence Agency during transition, British troops in EU battlegroups will not be led by British staff officers. [WA articles 129(6-7) and 156-157, PD paras 99, 102(c)]

7. Controls UK fishing – Common Fisheries Policy continues in UK waters during transition (which can be extended) but UK will have no say in implementation or enforcement. After transition, Political Declaration requires “cooperation on… regulation of fisheries, in a non-discriminatory manner” – code for continuing current arrangements for EU access to UK waters. Any trade deal to “ensure service providers and investors are treated in a non-discriminatory manner, including with regard to establishment” – prevents UK protecting quotas from EU purchase. [PD paras 29 and 72]

8. Replaces one EU Commission with another – New body established with “powers equivalent to those of the European Commission”. UK must accept exclusive jurisdiction of Arbitration Panel and judgments of ECJ. Grants EU officials criminal immunity and exemption from UK tax. Imposes gagging order on UK which must keep all EU information confidential but EU can use UK information as it sees fit. [WA articles 74, 101, 104-5, 106-116, 159, 168, 174]

9. Leaves UK with €500bn liabilities from EU Investment Bank but no profits – No rights to past and future profits made from UK investment in EIB, no rights to UK share of assets of EIB, yet UK remaining liable for risk of up to €500bn of guarantees. UK must let EU bid for UK public projects at least during transition. [WA articles 34, 75-78, 127, 143, 147, 150].

10. EU colonisation – makes UK bystander in laws that govern it – UK permitted to send civil servant to Brussels to observe EU passing laws designed to disadvantage UK economy during transition which might last many years. EU could regulate London’s huge foreign exchange markets, impose financial transaction tax that would be collected at UK expense by HMRC but sent to foreign governments. [WA article 34]

Deal or no deal?

By JOHNREDWOOD | Published: OCTOBER 18, 2019

The Withdrawal Agreement is unchanged, so I have no need to update my comments on it which set out the problems with it, especially concerning the powers of the ECJ and the money.

The Political Declaration is improved. It now makes it clearer that any joint military actions requires the consent of the UK government. More emphasis is given to basing a future trade relationship around a Free Trade Agreement.

The Declaration whilst confirming we become an independent coastal state for fishing purposes puts our fish back into play with the prospect of a new fishing quota and access based agreement with the EU.

It suggests the future agreement is based on an EU Association Agreement, designed to get countries to converge with the EU prior to joining. This is not a good model. The ECJ remains supreme over issues of EU law in any dispute.

The reworked Northern Ireland protocol raises the issue of how could Northern Ireland extricate from following EU rules and customs practices?

This is an important question, as this draft Withdrawal Treaty does not have an Article 50 allowing unilateral exit .

Arrogance and the Road to Perdition

But for the moment, there is no election in sight requiring immediate preparation. From now until October 19th, there are in my view but two objectives:

  1. Make it painfully clear to deniers of our basic constitutional rights that we can tell shit from sugar. Put the fear of God into every Remainer MP in a constituency where tactical would remove them.  Start a campaign of serious harassment: this is our civil rights we’re talking about here….let the cops try to arrest all fifty in a group making life unpleasant for these red carpet treaders, see how far that gets them.
  2. Form a pressure group to persuade this ‘soft middle’ of Remainer MPs that now is not the time for showboating their way along the Media River destined for Footnote Junction. For down that river lies an unforgiving waterfall leading to the rocks below.

Welcome to WikiTacticalVoting, first a big thank you to the Miraheze crew for getting our Wiki up and live so quickly. The introductory note I will leave in place so that new PDCCantonModelDirectDemocracy editors when joining our community and starting their local election pages will find a welcome for all levels of Wiki user; from, experienced Wikipedians to complete novices

We should all know that a dedicated community exists behind this Wiki all committed to helping us create the best possible Wiki to get our information across as well as possible. Again A huge thanks for making this possible John Lewis and the Miraheze community.

The Outline of the Wiki which I will get in place over the coming days as proposed in my talk page.


All wiki pages including talk pages have a front page and next to that tab there is a discussion tab which takes you to the Talk discussion with an editor or to the discussion page for the article.

Here is a link to my Wikipedia Talk page and a recent editing discussion on Extinction Rebellion.

Be polite, and welcoming to new users

− Assume good faith

− Avoid personal attacks

− For disputes, seek dispute resolution

Here is a Blog Post I did about my Wikipedia editing approach.

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Brexit. Summary.

Brexit. Summary.

History of EU referenda.

How MP's Voted On Brexit and Their Voting Records

Referendum Constituency Results

Article 50 and the Miller Case.

The Withdrawal Agreement and Chequers. [[6]] [[7]]

English Democrats Judicial Review of Extension

Ground Game Section.


Tactical Voting.[[8]]

The Tactical Voting Page will be a collection of Ground Game strategies and various Street Team widgets for both Canvassing, on Social media and on the doorstep. Also, car sharing strategies to assist with getting Voters to the polls.

Polling and Tactical Voting

. Survation for Daily Mail 31. October 2019.


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Constitutional Reform Groups and Brexit/Direct democracy oriented Parties and Groups

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