Birmingham, Yardley

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Jess Phillips This is a tougher nut to crack: Jess Phillips enjoyed a massive swing in her favour in 2017:

But that was very much an occasion for kicking Theresa May’s backside because many suspected she was a closet Remainer, and her talk of a One Nation Tory Party didn’t go down well in what is a fairly deprived area.

And here too, 40% didn’t vote in 2017, but the majority for Leave in 2016 was a clear 60:40. This seat is also unwinnable for the Conservatives.

Therefore, the SAM formula in Birmingham Yardley is:

Punish the Conservatives and Labour as a vote for Democratic values.

Vote Brexit Party for a genuinely Sovereign future for Britain.

Vote even if you didn’t in 2017, and vote Brexit if you still want to Leave.