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Jeremy Maddocks is a great less to the House of Commons a stood down candidate here.

See the Wiki Ballot Picks page for stood down BP candidates who are running as independents also bear in Mind the Brexit Party central office seem ill equiped to support a proper Ground Game for all candidates still running.

CANDIDATE LIST INFORMATION This is the list of the parliamentary candidates for the Brexit Party

Events are advertised for those candidates marked as events button alongside their name so Managers please let us know the sooner the better so we can list them early.

Only those who have submitted Photo and Bio will have a green info button alongside their name. We then post you on the Democratic Dashboard. So Managers get your IT person to do this if you do not have a green info icon. Please ensure your candidate is on the Democratic Dashboard. emsp emspTelephonePrint All the candidates will be joining Hustings please come along and see the candidates and ask them all questions. All the candidates will have hustings these are shown by the green HUSTINGS icon next to their name. Please put the date in your diary and come along most candidates will be there.

If you are an organizer of hustings then please let us know as soon as possible as the candidates diary's are filling fast contact us or click on this HUSTINGS icon.


We have been unable to obtain further information for some of the candidates maybe they have been told not to use our media site or just do not know about our site to help them win. If you want more information about your candidate please then click this HELP button

Help find the manifestos.

All these candidates been checked with the electoral register and the candidate name and icon can now cannot be withdrawn from the ballot paper.

If your candidate has no information next to his name and you want to help us and the candidate to enter this then