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Remain United Target seat[edit]


Seat Party Predicted winner WITHOUT tactical voting Predicted winner WITH tactical voting Tactical voting Majority

19 Hartlepool CON LAB 2.1%

One UK[edit]


Hartlepool BREXIT PARTY LEAVE https://whocanivotefor.co.uk/person/70546/


Richard Ticeprofile photo of Richard Tice Richard Tice is the The Brexit Party candidate in the constituency of Hartlepool in the UK Parliament elections. Our volunteers have been adding information on Richard Tice - here's everything we know so far!

Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Tice Richard James Sunley Tice (born 13 September 1964) is a British businessman, and politician. He was elected as a Brexit Party Member of the European Parliament for the East of England at the 2019 European Parliament election. He is the chairman of the party. Tice is a founder of the pro-Brexit campaign groups Leave Means Leave, and Leave.EU.


WIki Ballot Pick[edit]

Richard Tice.


On the same insurance policy basis of Martin Daubney in Ashfield. It is clear that here again the tories ate UKIPs Lunch in 2017. The Brexit Party Candidate is a clear runner in this contest, the tory should wither on the vine facing a real Brexiteer. Richard Tice has shown great metal and stood up well to the Medhi Hassan roasting at the Oxford Union, he's a bit of a Posh Twat but his hearts in the right place. Brexit is the best hope for the British Working classes not the Semi Stalinist Globalist Stepford Corbyn Labour. Tice should be able to keep Bajos feet to the fire but only if we can get our cohort of proper Brexiteers into the commons, that is a Huge Task so lets put our shoulder to the wheel for Richard, get him up the working mans club to get a round in and Teach him how to play Darts, 180 ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY!!!

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