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WikiBallot Pick[edit]


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Nicola Thomas @NTBrexitParty Nicola Thomas, PC Ipswich Brexit Party. Educationalist, historian, passionate Brexitier and committed to political reform. Retweets not endorsements. https://twitter.com/tomhunt1988

Labour ate UKIPs lunch here is 2017, real Brexiteers from Labour and Tory camps can #SAM send a message here, get out the #Waspi vote and get the ticks in the Box for the Wiki Ballot Pick Nicola Thomas Brexit Party!

Remain United Target seat[edit]


Seat Party Predicted winner WITHOUT tactical voting Predicted winner WITH tactical voting Tactical voting Majority

52 Ipswich CON CON -1.5%

One UK[edit]


Ipswich CONSERVATIVE LEAVE https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ipswich_(UK_Parliament_constituency)



  1. Ipswich
  2. IpswichBrexitAlliance
  3. SandyMartinBrexit
  1. CombineTheLeaveVote #BrexitAlliance
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Tom Hunt @tomhunt1988 Standing to be the next @conservatives

MP for Ipswich, NUFC fan