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Nul Points

Nul Points

The Silent majority or the undecided speak by not speaking. I personally think that this silence is being heard loud and clear right now; as we do not speak, as it were.

Silence does not denote agreement.
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== “the chartered rights of men.”. Burke, and The East India Company Charter. Thomas Paine the trial of common sense! Some Pamphleteer memorabilia.

This is essential information that everyone must understand if they want to make sense of what's happening in the world today. Those privately run organisations that can create money completely out of thin air control the world stage & they can only do this because of our ignorance about money creation and money supply. Please act on this information and send this link to you MP.

If we truly want freedom, we the people must take back control of our money.

Essential websites to further your own research:

https://hardwickalliance.orghttps://www.britishconstitutiongroup.com . And please become a part of:

The Going Direct Paradigm

Going Direct is a plan put by Blackrock to the Federal reserve in Late Summer 2019. All of the financial realities facing us now are a consequence of the policies adopted by the Fed and the world's central banks implementing Blackrocks's recommendations. The first thing that Blackrock did was bail out its own Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) effectively a new TARP with ETFs being the new subprime CDF's (Credit default swaps) What Klaus Schwam calls the 4th industrial revolution or Great Reset, and the slogan "Build Back Better", all the Green New Deals and promised fresh starts stem from a Financialised Bean counter logic from Black rock and its Going Direct, we are living in the Going Direct paradigm and in Going Direct there is no democracy, there are no grassroots there is only Authority to below and obedience to above.

We have built a mind map, Brain, of the Going Direct Paradigm, which was inspired by the Tragedy and Hope blog, Brain by Richard Grove from 2018.

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The Tragedy and Hope Brain is at this Link.


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Hartlepool By Election

[To Constituency page]=>[[1]] STOP #FatBlair campaign lets make Hartlepool a referendum on Boris Johnson's Rump Parliament! Who the hell does he think he is World King?

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The IDEA[Idea]

Original Discussion and framework on Discussion Page

Welcome to New Editors from John Ward and Roger Lewis.

John Wards Call to Action.

Nevertheless, this puts the responsibility for achieving real Brexit firmly back to where it was in June 2016: with the British People.

I can tell you now that, of the roughly 18 million voters who would probably support Brexit, it’s as much as we can ask of over 95% of them to turn up and do the same at the next General Election. The maths of the situation are far more complex than that, but net-net we are talking of well under a million citizens doing anything of an activist nature. That is to say, the 40,000 Tory Party members who supported BoJo, the 90,000+ who are “registered supporters” of TBP, and at most around 70,000 people I would designate as, broadly speaking, intelligent, compassionate and aware voters who cannot bear to see the triumph of corporatocratic neoliberal globalism over an independent Britain.

In round figures, 200,000 citizens prepared to defend the future of thoughtful British liberal democracy in a sense that goes way beyond puerile branding and Orwellian Room 101 fascist assertion.

200,000 united epidemiologists may not seem like many, but spread across the UK, it is about 300 per constituency in round terms…..if one writes off 48 Scottish seats as fairly solid Remain strongholds, that makes nearer to 330 ‘persuaders’ per seat.

Were promises to be forthcoming from pro-Brexit MPs towards the cheated UK female Waspi/Back to 60 State pensioners, that number would more than treble to at least 1100 per seat.

The way to think about this is as a chain-letter for the digital age.

Arrogance and the Road to Perdition

But for the moment, there is no election in sight requiring immediate preparation. From now until October 19th, there are in my view but two objectives:

  1. Make it painfully clear to deniers of our basic constitutional rights that we can tell shit from sugar. Put the fear of God into every Remainer MP in a constituency where tactical would remove them.  Start a campaign of serious harassment: this is our civil rights we’re talking about here….let the cops try to arrest all fifty in a group making life unpleasant for these red carpet treaders, see how far that gets them.
  2. Form a pressure group to persuade this ‘soft middle’ of Remainer MPs that now is not the time for showboating their way along the Media River destined for Footnote Junction. For down that river lies an unforgiving waterfall leading to the rocks below.

Welcome to WikiTacticalVoting, first a big thank you to the Miraheze crew for getting our Wiki up and live so quickly. The introductory note I will leave in place so that new PDCCantonModelDirectDemocracy editors when joining our community and starting their local election pages will find a welcome for all levels of Wiki user; from, experienced Wikipedians to complete novices

We should all know that a dedicated community exists behind this Wiki all committed to helping us create the best possible Wiki to get our information across as well as possible. Again A huge thanks for making this possible John Lewis and the Miraheze community.

The Outline of the Wiki which I will get in place over the coming days as proposed in my talk page.


Dr_Vernon_Coleman_A_study_of_Wiki_gone_wrong. [here] ]]

21-covidpupose-a-study-in-unpersoning-pass-laws-and-banned-people-vaccination-apartheid-gatekeepers-matchfixers/ NPOV19]. We have not put up much discussion of Covid 19 and the forthcoming May local and Mayorial elections The Draconian measures instituted to varying degrees by the regional assemblies and Westminster Government certainly give liberty minded and Human Rights minded Folk pause for thought.


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Massive doubts raised about ethics & efficacy behind Oxford-Astrazenica “vaccine”


US Election Special. 2020

[[3]] Our coverage page.

DeSelect Matt Hancock

West Suffolk Constituency Page

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Isle of Dogs Neighbourhood Plan


How to Claim a Constituency Primary Page

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WikiBallot Picks


[Constituency Primary Pages].

Click Title to go to List of unclaimed Constituencies to set up Wiki Ballot page and to start a Primary Processes.

Dive in and learn as you go, Claim your Local constituency or say hello if a group already exists.

The front page here has a collection of information aimed at providing inspiration and some good tools, we do not claim that there is anything definitive

On the ground in any constituency what works best will emerge as people put their heads together.

#SAM Send a message seats

  1. SAM Send a message seats[[6]]
are being selected by The Slog, make suggestions there in the comments or in the discussion section here and we will make a #SAM page for you to get you started or dive in and give it a go yourself.

Wiki_Ballot aims to be informative and Fun!

Some Notes on Manners

All wiki pages including talk pages have a front page and next to that tab there is a discussion tab which takes you to the Talk discussion with an editor or to the discussion page for the article.

Here is a link to my Wikipedia Talk page and a recent editing discussion on Extinction Rebellion.

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Here is a Blog Post I did about my Wikipedia editing approach.

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Brexit. Summary.

Brexit. Summary.

History of EU referenda.

How MP's Voted On Brexit and Their Voting Records

Referendum Constituency Results

Article 50 and the Miller Case.

The Withdrawal Agreement and Chequers. [[7]] [[8]]

English Democrats Judicial Review of Extension

Ground Game Section.

Local Authority Elections 2019 May 2


European Elections May 22 2019

By Elections

Next United Kingdom general election

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