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I am interested to see my MP is described as "soft Brexit". I suspect he is a Remainer who is pretending to be a Leaver to fit in with Con policy. He was very supportive of Theresa May; need I say more! He went on and on about the 'Backstop' as being the problem so I presume he will now vote for Boris' version of Brexit. He is standing again but is as useful as a chocolate teapot when it comes to reforming the State pensions policy. I think he knows deep down it needs sorting but feels he has no power so keeps his head down. When it comes to the Election, I only have him Lab, Lib or Green to choose from. No Independent. No Brexit. I presume all Leavers will have to vote for him.

Selection 024.jpg Oliver Healds Voting Record On Meaningfull Votes

MP Name Constituency Party Preference MV1 MV2 MV3 MV4* Oliver Heald North East Hertfordshire CON Soft Brexit For For For A

Wiki Ballot TakeAway[edit]

Heald is a soft Brexiteer and Brino is the name of Johnson's game. To secure some Brexiteer feet to firepower your best bet could be to campaign for a Brexiteer or Independent in a nearby constituency.

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