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Isle of Dogs Neighbourhood Plan 2019 – 2031. May 6th 2021 Referendum #No Campaign[edit]

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The Tower Hamlets Planning Forum and Mayor John Biggs have a track record of frustrating development and the associated affordable homes which developers are happy to build.

Far from being a part of the Solution Mayor Biggs's regime is a big part of the problem.

The westferry Printworks is the latest in a long line of bad judgement calls and political meddling in Planning officers doing their jobs.

One assumes the efforts of the planning forum are well meaning and yet, it is hard not to conclude that what its efforts  really represent is the worse of Metropolitan Elite Not in my back yardism ( Nimbyism) in the face of Londons and London Borough of Tower Hamlets huge housing challenges.

The problem is not the the Manhattanization of the Isle of Dogs  rather it is the Tammany hallisation of City Hall.

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