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#SAM Send a Message Seats[edit]

make suggestions there in the comments or in the discussion section here and we will make a #SAM page for you to get you started or dive in and give it a go yourself.


Samantha The Waspi Says adopt a #SAM page and "Send a Message"

SAMantha The Waspi
#SAM a sting in the tail from Waspi For those of you who haven’t caught up yet, yesterday The Slog launched SAM, short for Send A Message. The primary rationale is to seek out all MPs who broke their promise to enact the People’s Will in 2016 and have turned back into Remainers. But this is a game anyone can play, and if other aspects of your MP’s behaviour (like rabid feminism, EU gravy-training or LGBT obsessions) get on your nerves, then go for it and vote for the person nearest to reflecting your own outlook.

Here are a few starters for ten. First up, now that Watson has gone, there are very few senior Labour scalps to be had. Yes – would you believe it – Starmer, McDonnell, Thornberry and Corbyn all have nice fat majorities in Loopy-Lou London seats.

There aren’t any serious opportunities until you get to Angela Rayner and Jess Phillips – two of the most ideologically stunted Wimmin in the Chamber.

Both of them won last time on lowish turnouts, and both sit for strong Leave Constituencies – Rayner in Ashton under Lyne, and Phillips in Birmingham Yardley. Phillips in particular has not held back from saying she “doesn’t give a fuck for” her constituents who voted Leave, which demonstrates a criminal ignorance on the subject of the constitutionally stated role of every MP. Rayner said six weeks ago that “Parliament have expressed their wish and that is that we are not going to leave without a deal; we want to find a deal” having conveniently forgotten that three years ago No Deal was Parliament’s default position. She doesn’t want a second referendum, because she is convinced Leave would win again.

To be fair, Angela is just misguided, whereas Phillips is an objectionable fascist. But they both qualify for SAM.

#SAM send a message in Ashton_Under_Lyne
#SAM a sting in the tail from Waspi
#SAM a sting in the tail from Waspi

Jess Phillips This is a tougher nut to crack: Jess Phillips enjoyed a massive swing in her favour in 2017:


SAM Targets[edit]

Ashton-under-Lyne [[2]]
Birmingham,_Yardley   [[3]]

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