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The Vivaldi Blog has been Blocked for alleged spam? Spam or Censorship you decide? (1768257282) I set up a vivaldi e mail account and Blog for @Wiki_Ballot a tactical voting initiativeThe E mail Inbox x

Vivaldi Support <> Tue, Nov 5, 4:26 PM (2 days ago) to me

Hi Roger G Lewis

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We're doing our best to reply to you as soon as possible. Our work hours are Monday to Friday from 8AM CET to 6PM CET (excluding local public holidays). In the meantime, please visit our Forum on and Help pages on Sometimes we can help you there faster. In case you're having issues connecting to your Vivaldi Account, please make sure that you've told us the account's username so that we can help you further.

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Roger G Lewis wrote:

I set up a vivaldi e mail account and Blog for @Wiki_Ballot a tactical voting initiative The E mail has been blocked and the Blog marked as Spam. This is something of a suprise as the Initiative is not at all politically partisan and definitely not agressive or in the style of polemical discourse. Please advise this egregious censorship?


The idea is to create the Wiki on this platform and to send a static snapshot to the IPFS system periodically as new pages are added.IPFS is not censorable and this is intended as the public-facing part of the Wiki with the server-based version used to grow the wiki and foster existing skillsets familiar with the Wikipedia format which is in the top ten legacy web site brands.

The New Blog[edit]

The Blog on Vivaldi and the email account was suspended I assume a bad actor pending further clarification although they have gone quiet.

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