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hello and welcome

New Editors. More on our aims and objectives. If you click on the thumbnail that is the screen you will get if you click history in the Top right of the window under the Main Page Title being edited. Options appear for undoing edits or comparing current to previous edits. When sourcing information from Wikipedia articles there is a host of further information to be gleaned quite apart from the consensus page on the Main page article. Part of what this WikiBallot initiative is about is to uncover what is censored from "[the News Fit to Print]" The Web 3 instance is planned to disintermediate the server choke point in any legacy web or Cloud-based server system but we also aim to subvert the Google and Chrome censorship monopoly exercised through its private policing of all the news fit to click. Using an alternative Browser such as Tor or Duckago go is a great first step for personal news feeds uncorrupted by the Corporate Narrative machine, meanwhile spoofing those levers of censorship is also important to share the tactical voting tools and sovereign Personal Destiny Control Direct democratic ethos all the way to restoring our Liberties. -

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