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Campaign to De Select Matt Hancock[edit source]

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Hancock should answer to these Charges[edit source]

Its time for the Constituency of Matt Hancock to hold him to account for his over reach and abject mishandling of the Covid 19 panic. It is quite clear from dissenting experts and from the academic literature that Hancock is not following the science but his own financial interests and warped ideas of Government powers. He Must be de-selected and the Local Constituency must not continue to enable this deeply misguided individual and the continued havoc which he is reaping upon the United Kingdoms economy and mental health and well being.


"We’re a reasonable lot in UK and not much given to extremes. What I’m particularly reluctant about is that, by following the evidence, I have no choice but to show that the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, misled the House of Commons and also made misleading statements in a radio interview. Those are serious accusations. I know that. I’m not a ruthless person. But I’m writing this anyway, because what I have uncovered is of monumental importance to the health and wellbeing of all the people living in the nation I have always called home."

Dr Michael Yeadon

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The Slog a source of Covidsense[edit source]

As ever our Joint Founder John Ward at the Slog has provided much commentary on the descent into absurdity marshalled by the Flawed Hancock regime at the Ministry for Health.


When a balanced history of Contrick19 is finally written, it remains my expectation that the social, broadcast and press media will be the recipients of the most almighty drubbing in communications history….if, that is, the freedom to publish via internet and print books still exists.

This is not exactly breaking news for those who are awake and still firmly fixed by gravity onto the real world of Planet Earth. But the best form of providing foundations for an opinion will always be exemplification by the use of unanswered questions about the mismatch between ‘official’ narratives and the objective data.

This page offers a primer – for all those ideologue “reporters” in contemporary Western media sets – about what Robin Day and Ed Murrow used to do, and Tucker Carlson at Fox News still does.

An analysis of the Science[edit source]

The General Public is not going to fall for the over reach and power grab which Hancock is complicit in promoting for much longer . A large protest Rally at Trafalgar Square is fairly reported in this following video, also looking at comments in the Daily Mail and elsewhere it can be seen that the wisdom of Lockdown as questioned by the Excellent Rishi Sunak is also questioned by the public.

Hancock is acting like a tin pot Dr Mengele[edit source]

Encouraging Stasi like informer networks is precisely the sort of behaviour my own grand parents fought the Second world war to stop happening in Our Great country. Mr Hancock is not fit for purpose and is displaying far from appropriate behaviour and Rhetoric for the Conservative and Unionist Party , he should be de selected and summoned immediately to give an account of his appalling betrayal of Conservative values.

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